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    Before we can submit your application we need you to read and agree to the following terms of employment. Please read through the terms of employment and tick the agreements at the bottom of the page to complete your application. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)

    Terms of Employment *

    • 1. These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Check for the supply of services to the Client and they shall govern all assignments undertaken by you. However, no contract shall exist between you and Check between assignments. These terms shall prevail over any other others put forward by you.
    • 2. At the end of each week you shall deliver to Check a timesheet duly completed to indicate the hours worked during the preceding week and signed by an authorised representative of the client. Failure to comply will result in a delayed payment.
    • 3. Check shall pay you the rate of pay agreed and make statutory deductions in accordance to current legislation. The rate of pay will be notified on a per assignment basis as set out in the relevant assignment confirmation form.
    • 4. You are entitled to paid annual leave according to the statutory minimum as provided by the Working Time Regulations which is to include bank holidays.
    • 4.1. For the purposes of calculating statutory entitlement to leave under clause 4, the leave year commences 1st January and ends 31st December.
    • 4.2. Entitlement to payment for leave under clause 4 accrues in proportion to the amount of time worked by you on assignments during the leave year. The amount of payment to which you will be entitled will be calculated as an average of your hourly rate over the twelve weeks prior to taking leave.
    • 4.3. All entitlement to leave must be taken during the course of the leave year in it accrues, none may be carried forward to the next year.
    • 4.4. You are responsible for ensuring that all paid annual leave is requested and taken within the leave year.
    • 4.5. Subject to clause 4 in the course of any assignment during the first leave year, you are entitled to request leave at a rate of one-twelfth of your total holiday entitlement in each month of the leave year.
    • 4.6. Save where this clause is amended by the assignment details form, where a bank holiday or other public holiday falls during an assignment and you do not work on that day, then subject to you having accrued entitlement to payment for leave in accordance with clause 4, that day shall count as part of your paid annual leave entitlement.
    • 4.7. Leave should be requested in writing to Check with the dates of the intended absence giving notice of at least two weeks.
    • 4.8. Where this contract is terminated by either party, you shall be entitled to a payment in lieu of any undertaken leave where the amount of leave taken is less than the amount accrued in accordance with clause 4 at the point of termination.
    • 4.9. None of the provisions in clause 4 shall affect self employed or Ltd. company workers.
    • 5. You give your consent to collate and hold personal data from and about you and for Check to search for and submit my details for temporary and / or permanent vacancies as it deems suitable.
    • 6. If, before or during an assignment the client wishes to engage you directly or through another employment business, you acknowledge that Check will be entitled either to charge the client a transfer fee or to agree an extended period of hire with the client at the end of which you may be engaged directly.
    • 7. Temporary workers obligations
    • 7.1 You are not obliged to accept any assignment offered to you by Check but if you do, during every assignment and afterwards where appropriate, you will:
    • 7.2 Co-operate with the client’s reasonable instructions and accept the direction, supervision and control of any responsible person in the clients organisation.
    • 7.3 Be present for all allotted shifts in accordance to the assignment details form.
    • 7.4 Take all reasonable steps safeguard your own health and safety and that of any other person who may be affected by your actions on the assignment and comply with all Health and Safety policies and procedures of the client.
    • 7.5 Not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of Check and /or the client which includes conduct which could bring Check and/or the client into disrepute and/or which results in a loss of business by either Check and/or the client
    • 7.6 Not at any time commit any act constituting unlawful discrimination against or harassment of any members of Check’s or the client’s staff.
    • 7.7 Not to discuss the clients business with any other client or third party.
    • 7.8 On completion of an assignment or when requested by either Check or the Client return any property belonging to client provided to you in connection with the assignment.
    • 7.9 Notify Check of any absence and/or lateness at least one hour prior to commencement of the assignment or shift.
    • 7.10 Notify Check of any changes to your health or status which may affect your ability to work within the food industry/environment.
    • 7.11 Notify check of any offer of continued or permanent employment to you by the client and that any such offer will be subject to the terms of clause 6.
    • 7.12 Not work on any machinery (e.g. Meat Slicer) unless I am 18 or over, fully trained to do so and specifically asked to do us as part of my assignment.
    • 8. Your assignment may be terminated at any time by Check, you or the client without any notice or liability.
    • 8.1. If you not notify Check and/or the client that you are unable to attend work during an assignment (as required in clause 8.1.8) this will be treated as termination of the assignment by you in accordance to clause 8.
    • 8.2. You acknowledge that the continuation of an assignment is subject to and conditioned of the contract between the client and Check. If this contract is terminated for any reason the assignment shall cease with immediate effect without liability to you (save for payment for the hours worked by you prior to the termination)
    • 9. In order to protect the confidentiality and trade secrets of any client and Check and without prejudice to every other duty to keep all information given to it or gained in confidence you agree as follows:
    • 9.1. Not at any time, whether during or after an assignment (unless expressly so authorised by Client or Check) to disclose to any person or to make use of any of the trade secrets or the confidential information of the client or Check with the exception of information already in the public domain.
    • 9.2. To deliver up to the client or Check (as directed) at the end of each assignment all documentation and other materials belonging to the client.
    • 10. Check shall endeavour to remunerate you for all work undertaken whether or not payment is received from the client.
    • 11. You shall be notified in writing of any changes or amendments to this contract and such amendments shall apply from the date of notification unless you notify Check in writing that you do not agree with the amendments made.

    I have read and agree to the terms of employment shown above.

    I acceptI don't accept

    Declaration *

    I hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge all the information given by me is true and correct, and that all of the questions have been accurately and fully answered. I understand that I have registered with Check Recruitment through my own choice and that they may store and share my details in the pursuit of suitable employment. I agree to notify Check Recruitment of any change to my health or status which may affect my ability to work within the UK and/or food industry.

    I acceptI don't accept

    Working Time Directive *

    The Working Time Directive 1998 states that workers shall not work in excess of, on average, 48 hours per week over a 17 week period. I agree that I may work for more than an average of 48 hours a week. If I change my mind, I will give my employer no less than 1 months notice in writing to end this agreement.

    I acceptI don't accept

    Health & Safety Policy *

    I fully understand that it is my responsibility to seek out and familiarise myself with the Health & Safety policy for each temporary assignment I complete for Check Recruitment and that I will not use any machinery I am not trained to use and will take all precautions when using such machinery, doing so at my own risk.

    I acceptI don't accept

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